Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week of Ups and Downs

Wish I could turn my brain and emotions off for a little while....what a week it has been. We found out that our beloved Ruger, the Jack Russell I spoke of before, has tumors all over his liver and spleen. There is nothing we can do except give him lots of love.
The next day I got a HUGE order for 180 crocheted coasters and two days later an order for 6 crocheted hats!!

Talk about the emotional rollercoaster...
Thankfully these orders will keep my mind occupied...


  1. Oh poor Ruger ! Wow what a great order , congratulations .

  2. I'm so sorry about your dog! I'm sure he appreciates all the love though.

    Congrats on the order.

  3. Thank you is much appreciated!!

  4. Oh no...I'm so sorry about Ruger. It's always tough when a beloved pet gets ill. Sending lots of positive vibrations your way...♥

    congrats on the mega order! That's amazing :)

  5. Duni...your well wishes are much appreciated for our dear Ruger. And thanks for the congrats!



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