Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Need a better Blog Template!

When Blogger came out with its new template design I was excited and tried it out but didn't save any changes.  The next day I went back to play around with it again and now I can't get the designer to work.  I am tired of trying so I am looking for suggestions for somewhere to get a free blog template designs preferably with 3 or 4 columns....anyone?

(When I click on template designer in blogger, it only flashes quickly on the screen and goes to a black screen with the Blogger 'B' in the middle)


  1. Well, I made my is actually very simple.... used my greeting card factory program....if you need help or just want a real basic background i can make one for you...Oh....and you can go to.. let me know if you need help.

  2. Thank you so much for the info!! I will give it a shot and I appreciate your help!

  3. Hey Karen! I tried responding to your formspring question and things got wonky, so I have no idea where my original answer went.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words! I made my blog template myself. I looked up a few different blog tutorials and pieced together what I wanted. I'm traveling right now, so I don't have the exact links, but I know I used a couple sites like BlogU and Blogger Buster.

    As for the international shipping, all I can suggest is to charge what it costs. And don't forget to include the cost of your postage supplies.

  4. I made mine! I love for tips.

    I design headers and backgrounds for people too - contact me if you are interested.

  5. I got my three columns one from and there are so many beautiful ones that I had a hard time choosing !

  6. Thank you Monica...I am going to check it out!!

  7. Hi! I was just going to suggest Plumrose Lane but I see Monica already did ( There's a great selection of beautiful themes.

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints


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