Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - Sign the Petition

I just finished watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a show which I have watched for the last several weeks and he is trying to change the food that school children are eating....getting them away from all the processed crap.  It is so important to start young children eating right early so they don't have to battle weight and health issues.  You can follow this link  and sign his petition which he will take to the White House.
If you think this is important, please sign and then pass it on!


  1. i agree that an early age crap foods shall not be introduced to children

  2. Thank you imelda...I think its hard enough for people who have to battle weight issues when they are older let alone when they are young and then struggle their whole lives

  3. You have some pretty awesome stuff yourself Karen.
    Your work is superb. Those boots are wonderful! I marked your shop!
    Theresa is an angel and I agree with you 100%. She goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out of her way for others.
    I hope it all returns to her 100 fold++++.
    Thank you for stopping by!
    I love your husband's things too.
    All in the family, I love it!


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